Charms For Bracelets: What Your Wrists Say About You

When it comes to personalized items, engraved initials on a journal, or sewn into a plush robe are nice, but to hit them right in the heartstrings, a charm bracelet says much much more. Not only does it put you into the upper echelon of thoughtful gift buyers, but it also says how much the receiver is valued. Buying a bracelet is one thing, but buying or crafting one with specific charms which indicate the likes, hobbies, dreams, and even kids of the gift recipient, well…You’ve hit a home run. (Let’s not forget you can buy or make yourself one too!)

Not Just A Fad

Charms and amulets go way back into history. You had knights of old who would wear charms for protection before battles. Roman and Persian soldiers who carried engraved stones, or metals for strength and safe return. Egyptian monarchs who donned amulets crafted into jewelry to represent their love for certain deities. So, it only makes sense if you’re going to make or buy one, it should represent the things about you or the person to receive it which they love and treasure the most.

You can buy or make charms from most any material like metals, ceramics, sea shells, fabrics, even paper. Sometimes rings and paired or lone earrings belonging to you or the gift receiver can also be used to create a desired, even perhaps an emotional effect. Find charms for bracelets at because they have a nice selection of already made beads, charms, and leather string to make your bracelet sing.

A Lasting Impression

The great thing about charm bracelets is they are often treated like heirlooms, which are often passed down generations. There is something nostalgic about wearing a custom-made bauble, which in a sense is a time capsule of the person who wore it before. These types of bangles tell a shiny, sparkly yet silent story about the life of who wore it earlier and may tie and resonate with the person who has it bestowed upon them now. Made with delicate or sturdier materials, either way, this type of customization has a popularity which clearly has spanned throughout time.

Though it is probably safe to say most women on the planet appreciate a gift of jewelry, a customized bracelet would tell her and maybe all who see it, a little more than mere words can express.