Yountz’s Jewelry Sites Jewelry styles were inspired by many different time periods, and one can see yesterday’s influence in today’s pieces. Encyclopedia Britannica takes jewelry making as far back as prehistoric times, where humans desired decoration even then. Medieval jewelry was stunning with large pieces made of precious metals and gems. The reason for wearing jewelry has changed throughout the ages from protection from evil to symbols of wealth.,_Princess_of_Wales Sapphires are often used for engagement rings, and Princess Diana herself wore a sapphire ring. Precious metals are perfect for jewelry, but many jewelry pieces are an investment. This site explains a bit more about precious metals. When buying gemstones, look for those that were acquired through free trade. This site explains the Burmese ruby crisis, where slave labor was used to mine the rubies. They are only traded illegally now. Explanation of precious versus semi-precious stones from rock hounds.

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